As announced in May, MINI partnered with The Woolmark Company to create a capsule collection in wool, designed by four up-and-coming fashion designers.

The capsule collection, named Field Notes, was commissioned for Pitto Uomo 94 which took place in June. The 16-piece collection was created by Liam Hodges, Shimo Zhou and Une Yea from Staffonly, Wei Lin from PH5, and Rike Feurstein.


Liam Hodges - British designer

Liam Hodges, UK.

British designer Liam Hodges draws his inspiration from modern sub-cultures, hip-hop skatewear, UK streetwear and post-punk – influences which he fuses into punchy and multi-layered statements. His pieces for the MINI Fashion Field Notes collection were inspired by his encounters in New York City.

 Shimo Zhou and Une Yea - Staffonly

Staffonly, China.

Shimo Zhou and Une Yea founded Staffonly in Shanghai in 2015. They combine fashion, technology and design to create a sense of curiosity and humour in their pieces. Their creations for the MINI Fashion Field Notes collection draw inspiration from Greenwich Park in England.

 Wei Lin - PH5


Brought to life by Wei Lin, the daughter of award-winning designer Mijia Zhangin, PH5 challenges the conventional vision of knitwear by marrying whimsical designs with architectural dimensions of innovative knitting techniques. Their MINI Fashion Field Notes pieces were inspired by the Art Deco District of Miami Beach.

 Rike Feurstein - German designer

Rike Feurstein, Germany.

Berlin designer Rike Feurstein explores the link between art and fashion using the almost extinct craft of millinery. Rike creates hats and clothing in avant-garde shapes while experimenting with colours and surrealist details. Her three pieces for the MINI Fashion Field Notes collection draw on impressions from her time in Russia.


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